2020 U.S. house of representatives

Adrienne  Bell

For U.S. Congress


Adrienne Bell is a lifelong Texas resident who grew up in the Houston area. As a child, Adrienne’s parents instilled in her the value that everyone deserves a quality education. As a college student, teacher, and mother, Adrienne understands firsthand the benefits that having access to a high quality education can have for our children.

Adrienne’s drive for activism began during the Obama campaign, where she worked tirelessly as an Organizing For America (OFA) organizer and played an important part of the grassroots team that led to the re-election of Barack Obama as President. After leaving OFA, Adrienne became the Deputy Field Director with Battleground Texas. There she trained and mentored fellows, volunteers, and led the field team in the Houston/Gulf Coast area, as they worked to expand the voter electorate.


Adrienne has a deep commitment to her community and wants to ensure that the residents of TX-14 have a representative that cares, and is ready to listen and act on their concerns. Adrienne strongly believes that Congress must work to ensure:


  • Healthcare is a right, and not a privilege

  • All families have a sense of financial stability

  • Everyone receives a high quality public education

to  learn more about the Adrienne Bell  visit her website

www. votebell.com

Election Day

November 3, 2020


NOVEMBER 3, 2020



281 849-1141

P.O. Box 66470

Houston, Texas 77266

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