Federal Candidates


Lizzie Fletcher

In Congress, I have worked to ensure that we are enacting legislation and enforcing laws that make it easier, not harder, for citizens to vote.

I was proud to co-sponsor the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which restores the Voting Rights Act of 1965 by developing a process to determine which states must pre-clear election changes with the Department of Justice and requires a nationwide, practice-based pre-clearance of known discriminatory practices.

A member of the Voting Rights Caucus, I also co-sponsored the For the People Act of 2019, which automatically registers eligible voters, allows same-day voter registration, and permits online voter registration; makes Election Day a federal holiday, compels states to create independent commissions to oversee redistricting, and addresses concerns surrounding election security among its provisions. I co-sponsored the Stopping Harmful Interference in Elections for a Lasting Democracy (SHIELD) Act to protect our elections from foreign interference.

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Shontel Brown


Shontel Brown is a proven leader and coalition-builder who brings unmatched experience and vision to the  OH-11 Congressional District race.

Shontel stands with everyday people. She stands for affordable, quality health care, jobs that pay fair wages, a  strong public education system, and equity and justice for all. Shontel stands with us for a better Cleveland, Akron, and 11th Congressional District.

A native Clevelander, Shontel began her service as a Warrensville Heights city council member in 2012. She went on to be elected to Cuyahoga County Council where she currently serves.

Her district is one of the most diverse in the County, with constituents in the City of Cleveland, inner, and outer-ring suburbs.

In 2017 Shontel was elected Chairwoman of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, leading the largest Democratic county in the state. She made history as the first woman and the first Black person to serve in this role. She continues to work tirelessly as Chair to strengthen the Party and engage voters and activists across the County delivering consistent Democratic victories throughout the county.

Shontel’s service and commitment to the District make her the best candidate to represent OH-11. She is focused on the region, will prioritize Ohio, and deliver results.